On September 22-23, 2011 the club of Ukrainian architects named Archidom and the magazine Dom i Interier organized an event for architects and interior designers, during which lectures were delivered, master classes lead, and new products introduced. The theme of the event was “Conceptual Architecture”. The master classes lead, accordingly, were based on this theme. Along with the studio Arches (R. Liola, E. Neniškis), Zane Tetere (Latvia), Olga Melezhik (Ukraine), Evgenij Vaisberg (Ukraine) also conducted their master classes. During the press conference, guests and speakers discussed the key issues of modern architecture, searched and shared their thoughts trying to view the conceptuality in architecture from many different angles.
During this event, the members of studio Arches Rolandas Liola and Edgaras Neniškis lead master classes and, based on the already realized solutions, they delivered the creative principles of the studio, the process of idea / concept search as well as its further development and implementation. It is a kind of a system that helps to perceive, to see anew, and constantly seek for the best solution in all phases of architectural process.
In what ways was the event memorable?
Sharing and taking over the colleagues’ experience; establishing new connections; taking pleasure in immediate communication; acquiring new thoughts, ideas. Finally, it was the atmosphere − just good and creative.
Such events are really indispensable, and the fact that colleagues in Ukraine understand, and do this is delightful.
A photo-reportage on the event is published in the magazine Dom i Interier (Ukraine).