This is the second edition of the book, developed after the publishing Vilnius 1900-2005. Naujosios architektūros gidas that appeared in 2005, and supplemented by numerous illustrations. The current publication is a comprehensive information catalogue, which systematically presents the development and spread of the most prominent objects of 20-21 century Vilnius’ architecture, the hitherto unpublished facts and data, a lot of graphic material. This is the guide to the old and new, unknown, and, perhaps, still undiscovered Vilnius for those who are interested in urban architecture and culture.
A private house – a project by the studio Arches − in Svajonių str., Vilnius found its way to the publication (p.201). –The title of the project is Pušies šakos (Pine Branches).
The idea of a house in a pine forest was inspired by the verticals of pine trunks. The dynamic composition of the building volume resembles pine branches overlapping on different levels. The reflection of the forest on dark gray glass visually integrates the first floor into the surroundings. The second floor has a finishing decor of vertical wood cleats based on the interpretation of the pine trunks’ pattern.
Architects: E. Neniškis, R. Liola, S. Liolienė, V. Sasnauskaitė, A. Liola.
Vilnius 1900-2012. Naujosios architektūros gidas. Published by the Public Enterprise Architektūros fondas, 2011 and Publishing House Baltos lankos, 2011. ISBN 978-9955-23-517-0.